Baking-related translation


food bloGger

You are a food blogger and you’d like to grow your number of readers? Or maybe you already have a consequent fan base but you’d like to access your French-speaking readers?

I’m here to translate your content and make it accessible to your French-speaking readers. I can also localize your content in order to adapt it to the culture of the target audience.


You are a YouTuber and you’d like to be more visible on the YouTube platform? Maybe you have a fan base who’d like you to subtitle your videos?

I am here to subtitle your videos to widen your audience and to be more global.


You are a publisher and you need to translate cookbooks? Maybe you need someone to review or proofread the translation?

I’m here to make sure you won’t publish any mistake or error in your hard copy. I would also be delighted to use my baker skills and knowledge to translate what you need.


You are a baker or a cook and you need to translate recipes, documents, tutorials, videos… for a French audience or for yourself?

I am here to translate them and make sure the conversion of the recipe is perfect and that the text is adapted and localized to the target audience, if needed.