Who am I ?


I am a Native French speaker, and I translate from English to French.*

Born in French Polynesia, I spent my childhood in various French-speaking countries while travelling in several English-speaking countries. I always knew for sure I wanted to work using the English language, that’s why I chose to study Translation and Multilingual Communication. My year at the University Of Montréal was very beneficial for me as I learnt a lot about the translation history and translation techniques.

My various work experiences gave me strength, insight and allowed me to develop my skills in my fields of specialization such as baking and cooking, tourism and travel, and also support and help in various fields.

I love translating and am looking forward to growing my knowledge by working in new fields. I always make sure to give the best I can to deliver quality work.



I am fond of baking and cooking and was recently awarded with a Breadmaking Diploma.

As a self-taught baker, I have been baking for the last ten years, and I was looking for an opportunity to grow my knowledge. That’s why I decided to study and learn at home how to make breads, brioches, pastries, croissants and other delicious yeast baked goods. After a year of study, I was rewarded with a Breadmaking diploma.

I learn all the jargon and techniques of cooking and baking on a daily basis both in English and French to put it into practice as soon as I can.

I would love the opportunity to combine my main skills (translation and baking) in a new project. Feel free to check out my Instagram for more information about my passion.