Work Experience
& Recent Projects

Recently I had the pleasure to subtitle and translate videos of webinar, interviews, and presentations for the VivaTech event last June (2021).

I translated Caplain machines’ website from French into English; my skills and knowledge in the baking and cooking fields were a great asset to deliver the most idiomatic translation of all the machines and their use, and convey the messages of the manufacturer.

I regularly help subtitling TV content for VICE TV/Video, for example interviews and cooking content.

I have been subtitling a famous YouTube channel for over a year now, for a professional baker/teacher who wants to meet the demand of his viewers. He is famous for his detailed and educational video about breadmaking, and his interviews with very famous bakers (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, known as MOF ).

I was also a Senior Editor at Unbabel, my job was to review the translations from the translators, and to check them before submitting the translations for their most important customers.

I’ve several years of experience in machine translation post-editing, as an Editor. The range of fields is quite large, from press releases to bookings and gaming accessories, support for electronic matters, FAQ articles…

I also like translating during my spare time to learn about very different subjects, in order to grow my knowledge base and become a specialist in other fields such as environment, society and psychology. I often translate articles from the trustworthy BBC website as it is an amazing source of news and information.



“I’ve been collaborating with Éva for a year and her work is precise and assiduous. Éva translated more than 50 videos and her expertise as a baker is a big asset to translate all the professional terms in the best way possible. She’s a reliable professional and I trust her.
I heartily recommend her. “

Fabrice Cottez, Teacher at the BORDEAUX bakery school and youtuber

Volunteer Experience

I recently volunteered as an interpreter for the United Nations, for the Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF). It was a very interesting and rewarding experience to interpret several people from several countries (so various accents!).

Now I translate occasionally for Translators Without Borders and Ashoka.

Ashoka believes that we can change the society and be a part of its evolution. The organization supports the Changemakers.

I volunteered for translating websites during my Master’s degree. I translated for Sea Shepherd and minor websites along with my colleagues. It was very rewarding to work for free to help other people and organizations to spread their word across the globe and build a more global audience.


Eva is very talented, precise and on time (even in advance sometimes!). She translated a whole questionnaire of +40 questions focused on companies’ social and environmental impact. She understood the topic very quickly, even though it was very specialized and was proactive in identifying warning points. We were very grateful for her work and strongly recommend her.

Hélène DELAPLACE (Ashoka)



I have a Master’s Degree in Translation and a French as a Foreign Language Diploma.

The Master’s degree prepared me to translate technical documents such as user manuals, guidebooks and brochures, among others..

Like many others, I traveled during my studies in order to improve my language and cultural skills, and I spent my 3rd year of Translation’s Licence abroad. I was at the UdeM in Montreal, and I learnt a tremendous amount of new things about translation, it was very helpful in my journey towards graduation.

I am fond of baking and cooking and was recently awarded with a Bread Baker’s Diploma to become a professional at baking goods.