English into French

Translation from english to french

I can also translate from French to English if necessary, in my fields of expertise: baking and cooking.*

Note that I translate from French to English depending on the field I need to be working on to guarantee high-quality translations.

*A good translator will almost always claim he or she will never translate from his or her native language to his or her target language. However, I know for a fact that plenty of excellent translators do so when they have a remarkable knowledge of the field for the needed translation, and of course are fluent in the target language. That’s why I can also translate from French to English if necessary. I’ve done so for a French baker who needed subtitles in my field of expertise: baking and cooking.


Interviews, corporate and training programs, news programming, commercials, institutional videos, etc.

This is a highly-specialized field that requires not only translation but mastering the art of concision and the discipline to follow strict rules (character limitations, frame counting, reading speed).


Audio files or videos

Providing a monolingual transcription or an audio to text transcription in English to French


Copy Editing

Text review to make sure the document is ready to go


Check of the mistakes and errors

Language assessment

Assessment of the language skills of someone else

Critical reading

Pointing out mistakes and errors for books      

Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT)